1. Advisory and consulting.
  2. Feasibility study (expenses v. income).
  3. Constant budget updating and control.
  4. Billing, payments and collections.
  5. Fiscal management of the congress.
  6. Economic report and closure (lists, reports and statistics).


  1. Preparation of the schedule (timing of activities).
  2. Image and communications.
  3. Dissemination.
  4. Registration management.
  5. Establishing relationships and agreements with the official institutions of the city of the venue.
  6. Speaker and guest information.
  7. Coordination of the needs of the exhibiting companies.


  1. Permanent secretariat.
  2. Personal, specialised service for speakers, guests and personalities, participants, companies, exhibitors, the media, institutions, etc.
  3. Coordination of services and suppliers.
  4. Delivery of documentation and accreditation.
  5. Attention and management of new participant registrations.
  6. Permanent coordination of the sessions.
  7. Organisation of social events.
  8. Travel agency service.
  • Schedule and creation of the scientific programme.
  • Assignation and adaptation of spaces and rooms.
  • Invitations to and confirmation of speakers.
  • Abstract management: rules, opening and reception, assessment, communicating acceptance and rejection, etc.
  • Management of scientific sessions (workshops, symposiums, pro-con sessions, etc.)
  • Publishing of the programme and scientific publications.
  • Processing of Scientific Interest.
  • Credit requests for ongoing training.
  • Monitoring attendance for accreditation and statistics of sessions.
  • Certificates (scientific contributions and credits).
  • Preparation of reports for the Scientific Committee.
  • Selection, negotiation and procurement of the best conditions at the venue, attendants, porters, interpreters, technology, audio-visual and IT resources, catering, design and printing, signage and lettering, transfers, hotels, etc.
  • Negotiation with airlines and rail companies to obtain special conditions for participants.
  • Choice of the services, negotiation with suppliers, procurement, in keeping with each detail and coordination of the event: our strong points.
  • The service of a great travel agency.
  • The best guaranteed price of the range of hotel offers available for the event.
  • Exclusive agreements with airlines and land-based transport.
  • Processing of bookings for congress participants for their transport and accommodation needs.
  • Personalised service for the journeys of the speakers.
  • Definition of strategies to capture resources.
  • We analyse and generate new ways to participate (scientific or physical spaces).
  • Presentation of the Congress to the industry.
  • Exhibitor’s manual / commercial dossier.
  • Commercialisation and payment management.