We take care of all of the details and offer all management services so that your events are unique.
We listen to your needs and advise you on how to optimise resources with the best results in all the areas that make up a conference.

Our experience as congress and conference organisers will enable us to coordinate the logistics services without leaving out any details:

  1. Locations for your congress or conference.
  2. Venues for social events.
  3. Shows and entertainment.
  4. Security staff.
  5. Attendants.
  6. Warehouse.
  7. Audio-visual and IT services.
  8. Catering and restaurants.
  9. Press office.
  10. Posters.
  11. Lettering.
  12. Signage.
  13. Decoration.
  14. Printing.
  15. Protocol.

You will have access to an office offering constant service that will help you with everything needed to conduct the congress or conference.

  1. Applications for official permits.
  2. Regular meetings with the committee.
  3. Management and contact, speakers, guests, VIPs.
  4. Design and management of scientific programmes, social events for participants and social events for their companions.
  5. Printing of artwork and visual materials.
  6. Dissemination in the media and mailings.
  7. Technical, scientific and tourism secretaries’ offices.
  8. Management of the web page.
  9. Monitoring of travel and trips.
  10. Control and follow-up of people registered.
  11. Control and follow-up of hotel bookings.
  12. Confirmation of bookings.
  13. Correspondence with participants.
  14. Creation of official letters.
  15. Regular contact with the organising committee.

We support you in the most technical aspects of your congress or conference.

  1. Preparation of bids.
  2. Drafting of the feasibility project.
  3. Design and creation of the image and corporate document for the event.
  4. Promotion of the event.
  5. Construction of the web page for the event.
  6. Management and collection of registration payments.
  7. Confirmation of services and people registered.
  8. Preparation of a sales exhibition dossier.
  9. Distribution of the sales exhibition dossier.
  10. Management of the sales exhibition, including sale, billing, management of the needs of the stands.
  11. Coordination of assembly and rolling out of the sales exhibition.
  12. Preparation of lists and reports.
  13. Comprehensive management of administrative services.
  14. Secretarial office at the venue.
  15. Assembly and delivery of documentation.

The most specialised support to carry out the following:

  1. Creation of the scientific schedule.
  2. Implementation and development of the online communications and talk management system.
  3. Information on rules for submitting communications.
  4. Confirmation of acceptance/rejection of “Abstracts”.
  5. Constant updating of the scientific programme.
  6. Preparation, printing and delivery of certificates, diplomas and scientific awards.
  7. Credit applications to SEAFORMEC.
  8. Procurement and supervision of the accreditation control system.
  9. Coordination of the scientific sessions at the venue.
  10. Coordination of the design, layout and publication of the programme for the congress or conference and the book containing the abstracts and talks.

The guarantee of Viajes El Corte Inglés, the leading travel agency in Spain. We offer the best prices in the following services:

  1. Accommodation with special conditions for our customers.
  2. Negotiation with airlines as the official carriers for your company.
  3. Procurement of special prices for flights and group rates.
  4. Travel by private bus and car.
  5. Bookings of unique venues.