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This is the entry way where we welcome our travellers, which enables access

to the rest of the tools (traveller profile, access to the

self-booking tool, etc.) and information about the company/customer itself (travel policy,

safety regulations, etc.).


This is a Business Intelligence system that is able to provide a firm with a

global perspective about the travelling done by its employees.

Reports can be created to have all the available information

and they can make better decisions regarding the travel policy of their




This is the perfect tool to ensure savings in air services.

Capable of searching the network to find the best price available, from

when the booking is requested until the flight leaves. It is a unique tracker that

will save not only money but also hours in searches and price




A web tool for offline requests for services. Corporate users,

simply and clearly, can ask their Viajes El Corte

Inglés office for the services they need to process (flights, hotel rooms, cars, trains,

ships, etc.) or, if they are the organisers of the trip, can manage requests for other travellers

in the same way.



An online travel management web-based solution for SMEs, which allows travellers

to make their own bookings easily, intuitively and in real time,

with special offers and prices for this sector.



A reporting tool which shows analytical information about the company

at different levels. It generates different types of report: predefined, express,

tailored, complete files of data, etc.