Going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land means travelling around the settings of the Old and New Testament, a melting pot comprising different cultures that are constantly seeking a new path that leads to peaceful co-existence. For our part, we place great emphasis on it being an unforgettable occurrence, filled with Christian feeling, taking care of all the details so that you have a unique experience.

Rome is the Eternal City, capital of the Roman Empire as a center of cultural power and diffusion of Christianity. The place where the Pilgrim can venerate the relics of Saint Peter and attend the Audience with the Holy Father, visit great basilicas, Churches and Places of great importance in the history of Christianity

Following in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi is a spiritual journey in memory of this great saint and the origin of the Franciscan order. An experience following in the footsteps of the saint, the main events in the life of Saint Francis, touring the well-known “Franciscan Sinai” of Fonte Colombo and performing Calvary in La Verna are moments of great spirituality that we can combine with cities as important as Rome. Florence and Padua.

Pilgrimage to the tomb of the Apostle Santiago is to live a spiritual experience within oneself. We invite you to discover the many routes that take us to Santiago de Compostela, walk through incredible landscapes and beautiful hermitages, discover the customs of its people with a historical and cultural richness that undoubtedly transform the pilgrim


A journey through the most important places in Asia Minor crossed by St Paul, St Luke and St Barnabas. A trip to the area where the Christian communities of the early Church were located.

A trip that takes us into the life and customs of a passionately Catholic nation. We will discover the places where St John Paul II lived, studied and taught. A life devoted to others since his youth.

Place of pilgrimage where, it is said, all who have been called by the Virgin Mary go. A spiritual retreat, a school of prayer, a haven of peace and silence to listen to the Holy Spirit.

The devotion to the True Cross has enjoyed since 1998 the celebration of a Jubilee Year in Perpetuity and whose religious significance dates back to the thirteenth century when three chips of the “Lignum Crucis” were deposited in which Jesus Christ died. Pilgrimage to Vera Cruz is to be able to pray in numerous convents and churches in the region of Murcia, different stages that from Levante to the interior of the region we will be writing down in our pilgrim’s book or “Caravaquensis” until we reach Caravaca de la Cruz.


Culturally and religiously interesting itinerary that links the shrines of El Pilar, Torreciudad, Lourdes, Meritxell and Monserrat. A journey of faith guided by spirituality and devotion to Mary, filled with tourist sights, heritage, and rural, culinary and natural wealth. It links three countries: Spain, France and the Principality of Andorra, making it a plural and multicultural journey offering considerable attractions, where each shrine has its own qualities and characteristics.

Travel the mountains of Asturias to profess your Faith in the heart of the Picos de Europa.  Asturias is the “Santina” is the Salve Marinera, go into the Grotto of the Virgin of Covadonga following the Reconquest Route from the time of D.Pelayo, until connecting with the heart of the Picos de Europa in the Liébana Valley, where the largest known fragment of the Cross of Christ is preserved and which is part of the 5 jubilee places that exist in the world. More than a thousand years of tradition to welcome the “Pilgrims of the Cross”

A route which promotes the Jewish heritage of the cities of Spain’s network of Jewish quarters. A route with a great Sephardic historical and artistic heritage. A very emblematic and historical journey that leads right to the heart of the Jewish sites and their winding alleyways, to the museums that tell their history, to ancient synagogues and to places linked to these Jewish communities.